Thursday, May 31, 2007

jewelry anyone?

happy day & !!
you both are amazing people!
much love!!


the june issue of antiques and collecting,
on ATC my page art spread

i'm finally getting around to posting some jewelry.

i have a few others on etsy



i do have some bracelets already made to be posted soon
but these are fab to make your own!


they have original artwork in them!
any drawing i have can pretty much be made into one
or i can draw you something!
i'm planning to go to LA next month for a conference
at the dream center
its SUCH and inspiring place!!
i want to incorporate the vision i have for impact center
into reality and can use some pointers!!
so i'll be holding a raffle soon to raise the funds!
i'll be putting a big lot of art & stuff together.
i REALLY want to go dang it! LOL

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