Wednesday, May 16, 2007

support your local food bank!


some eye candy

and some photos from saturday
it was our mail carrier food drive
it was good timing too
because our shelves have been
roller coasting from full to empty
i even had to turn some people away last month!
if you aren't aware i run
an crisis outreach center
called the Impact Center
and this is just one of the may ways
we help our community!
we serve well over 600 a month in food alone!

we started at 8 a.m.
for setup
it was HOT of course

we ended up sitting around
till about 1:30 p.m.
waiting waiting waiting
for the carriers to come in
compared to last year
the results were low
every bit DOES help
so i am thankful
we share with 7 other agencies
if you gave for your community


if not thats ok!
you can support
any of your local food banks
all year round
the need is always greater than the supply!
simply give any agency a call in your area
and they'll gladly tell you what you could
to bring on by!
if your not able to help by donation
don't worry
your TIME is ALWAYS needed too!
i know we're always needing helping hands!

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