Friday, December 14, 2007

white angel

white angel
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we scored at the thrift store today
we found a 6 foot white lighted (wire) tree
for outside for $1!!
i didn't take a photo of it...but while
my son was putting it up
i noticed how my white angel
fit into the "holiday" decor

she's about 2-3 foot tall
i didn't originally like her...
i had created her for a speaking event
last year
it was about having your heart
focused on God
(thus the tied on heart)
when you allow him to define you
you dont care
what others think of you
WELL wish i could say that for her
i ended up sticking her in the yard
(where all my rejects go)
cuz she wasn't what i had in mind.
she's grown on me.....
they all do eventually when they are weathered
and she keeps judgemental people away from my front door!!
i wonder what they think we they ring the bell
and then look around..... heh

....she might be odd but her heart seeks GOD!!

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