Sunday, December 30, 2007

funky girl
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i've been working on scrappyLICIOUS dolls.

i just can't get enough of fabric and yarn.
i'm TRYING sooooo hard NOT to go to orlando tomorrow or this week
there is a fabric/craft store closing and i know i could score more crap.
but DO i need more crap?? NO
AM I EVER so tempted ----> YESSSSSSS
i've BEEN so gooooood lately, can i make it. YES i can. i hope.

i have been using up soooo much stufff just to prove to K that yes
i WILL use the stuff!!!
i've been on a creative binge for the last week(s) or so staying up till 6 a.m.
just cuz i want to finish the project....i actually DO then i start another
and the days turn into well ...weeks.....i'm so enjoying not having a "real" job that i have to get up and out toooooo..
although that probably won't last too much longer-the position i'll be taking will soon be ready to roll-just waiting upon permits and things.

scrap dolls

until then i'm trying to get enough inventory to take into a local flower shop-so my schtuff has to be marketed for a different clientel. although at first i was resenting having to "soften" it again! - last week i designed a logo (which is NOT my thang really) and i had to meet with them several times cuz i was dreading it--> so i procrastinated and totally pushed the deadline. THEN my work had toooo hard an edge (DUH) not to mention i was already sleep deprived and not inspired so i had this whole angst going on!! LOL i DID end up getting out something they liked- i even liked my drawing it was still cool- even though they redid all the fonts stuff though. i did this pro bono (for a good cause) but helped me remember sometimes ya just got to do what pays the bills ya know and i don't get creative freedom with that!! i'm used to soooo much freedom AND anyhow back to the dolls WELL........i really like the ones i've made so far-i want to keep them!! i keep telling myself i can make more!! i'm really appreciating working in a more "primative" style for dolls. i do love rag dolls. remember the one i posted not too long ago....still love that one so the above i attempted my version. i have a few more photos on my flickr -so click-er!! heh

big girls

these are aout 4 ft long. i debated about embellishing the longer ones more but decided not too. i have about 5 more on the sewing table that will probably be more decorative. well now off to finish some heads.

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Ricë said...

love the dolls! so, so cool!