Saturday, December 8, 2007

what is christmas like for you?

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i was going to show you my pretty pink tree
that resides in my kitchen.....
well that was before my very anal
issue with photographs and small lil
"clutter" in the backgrouds kicked in.
i relate that to my families terrible
photo taking skills.
my mom has to seriously be the worst
at taking photographs!
when i look at old christmas photographs
i cringe!! although i do appreciate the little
bit of what we have because when i was a teenager
we had a house fire and lost the majority
of our visual memories.
ahhhh anyhow i'm not looking
for high quality photography from her
just something that doesn't have a
that competes with the focal point!
(or fingers on the edge ya know)
now most probably wouldn't notice it if i posted.
......but its very slight details that OCD me!!
acccck i wish i could just let it be.

i have come along way from taking bad
photographs myself.
i know i don't have great photography skills either
but i try to at least get it decent.

anyhow this corner of the tree is purdy.
i obviously liked it enough to use it for my etsy shop.
so sorry for the spam. hehe
when i get a full photograph i like. i'll show ya!
i will have another tree in the living room
still awaiting to be put up actually-
i finally just figured out what i wanted to do with it!!
i try to do something different each year.
this year i was lacking inspiration
till i found this feather covered ball thingie
at the dollar store.......ooooo inspiration hit!!
so we'll see where it goes.
my kiddos each have a large tree in their room
so they can freely decorate it how they want.
i remember my grandma letting me decorate hers
but it was always the SAME 'ol stuff
and i wanted "new"stuff and less tinsel
and white lights
of course now i appreciate that it was all
handmade ornaments that the kids/grandkids had made
and they were special to HER!
so after years of buying lots of NEW ornaments
just for the sake of having "my own" when i had my own place
truely they weren't all that special when i think back now!!
i finally did come to make a few handmade but nothing REALLY cool that i remember or still have
that is until the last five years.
i've tried like heck all week to get my kids to make ornaments
with me!! BUT NO they said they just want lights, so i sighed
and said OK (no guilt intended its their tree!)
i really just wanted to hang out with them and make stuff
i'm off to sit with k while he watches
the tube as he's been working alot this week
and he just came home from sea world
he's learning a bunch of new numbers
as he'll be dancing for a the actual show weekly
(he's always just helped out with side shows-ya make more $$)
anyways so he's tired and veggin
and i just wanna hang with him
so out comes my hook and i'm happily flying
to my delight i hear
the dremel going in the living room!!!
could this be???
yes it could!!
two young boys
giggling and drilling
little holes
in old toys
that will become
ornaments in their trees!
i smile and wander in to see
a big red bin
my youngest drilling
and laughing so hard as he
puts a million holes in his
teck deck dudes!!
and his older brother laughing
and giving him
other slightly strange ideas.
aaaahhhh holiday memories!!

i'll show ya those photos tomorrow
i have to be up in just a few hours
to drop off the youngest for practice
for the big Christmas musical
which is already this Sunday!

hey its beginning to look a lot like christmas
even if its still warm and sunny!!!

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