Sunday, December 23, 2007

a recent discussion of artist studios and how the REAL working ones look like lead to me showing my disgusting yet creative mess.
this is my indoor studio which is at the back of the house. it has a nice curved archway to enter and this is the first thing ya see

inside studio

its where i do all things fabric and journal/paper stuffs. so to the right you see this

corner of the inside studio

the lamp assemblage is a journal'd piece of my dad-some of his things from his shop and photos from his property. love love love.

i couldn't get the whole wall in so here is bits of it-this what i look up and view from the PC

touching God in the everyday things

the green hanger assemblage is a cool one with another photo of my dads workshop that i soooooo love. he bought a new house this year ( a beautiful 7000 sq ft log cabin on 28 acres!!) and this is on his other property an hour away. i wish i could move it here or live in it. i seriously love every crickety inch of it.

rusty stuff

its pretty dark in here so even though the colors (pics) show intensity its actually quite soft and inviting in here....well the fire helps-which lately has been keeping me quite toasty! too bad i hate marshmellows. well just more for the kiddos.

grannys glasses

i have alot of my family in here....this is my great grandmothers glasses-that i can't ever remember her not in--- and other stuff i picked up from her house when she passed. i don't know what game that card is from but i thought it was so cool.

the cool b&w photos are from janey garnet. we meet in portland maybe 4 or 5 years ago in our own little art becky christians house. it was erika tysse,tracy roos, and sandie. it was super fun and she gave us each some of her photos-i absolutely love them. i didnt show the corner above here which has one of a gal sitting on a a fairy costume i think...anyhow so cool. she sells her stuff on etsy.

ok now here is the worst and its actually the "cleaner" version.....ehhhh can't believe i'm showing you!!

the fabric corner

this is just one side of the studio tooo.....cuz well the other i've been organizing fabrics piles so ya really just don't wanna see that just yet!!
i've got lots of bags of discarded clothes from the impact center (which i am no longer doing anymore-don't know if i blogged that!) that i haven't ever put away
and last month i scored a bunch of fabric at the thrift store that i errrr never put away either.
so now i'm discplining myself to put the dern stuff away and well in between taking breaks finishing and starting new projects!!

there are quite a few close-ups on my flickr of other things so go take a peek if you have the time! i have more photos to show but man those took forever to edit (my program is being wonky!) and my wrist really hurts from staying on here toooo long.

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