Sunday, December 16, 2007

the joy of a REAL TREE, yes i know its technically dead

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this bring me such great JOY.
i''m soooo serious.
my heart is SO incredibly happy every time i walk by it!!

i was inspired at the dollar store one day
i found this natural colored feather covered styrofoam ball ornament
i had been wondering what sort of "style" i wanted on my white christmas tree
this year....last year i went with all aquas & polka dots on it
its the tree in the living room and our living room has alot
of very important pieces of polynesian art and culture
so despite the aqua walls everything else in color is brown and "very natural" in my eclectic way
its the one room in the house that K truly loves
as its filled with "his" home!
ANYHOW the white tree has to flow with the room ya know
i was sooo lacking inspiration in putting it up
TILL i found the feather ornament!!
oooooooo i drooled
i didn't buy it but thought
i would make some with the kids
with what i have at home!!
i'm on a use what i have kick
so i thought hey i want a NATURE inspired theme
well so i asked hubby after a great frustrating search in the garage
long story short the TREE is gone!!
i have a faint memory of him trying to throw it away
while cleaning my other studio (aka garage) one day
i remember now i caught him in the act!! OH the betrayal!!
yes i do know HE did-even though he swears he didnt!!
trying not to POUT (santas coming ya know!!)
i thought oh well i score another one at a thrift store or something
i mean its not like we dont already have 3 in the house.
the boys in their rooms and i have a 4 ft pink one in the kitchen
well i couldn't find one at the thrift stores
and thought shoot maybe i'll just skip it.........
but it didn't FEEL right
as untraditional as i think i am
i REALLY need the tree dagNAb it!!

sooooooooooooo i said "babe i NEED a tree"


honestly i don't really put much presents under it
k & i don't buy for each other
& most of our family live out of state
and i really don't buy gifts
for many people-obviously i make them!!
so they usually sit in the studio till last minute
i don't put my kiddos presents out until christmas eve
and then they get opened right away
SO WHY do i NEED A tree....
i dunno i just DO.

after dinner friday night we wandered into the mall
well what we call one round here...anyhow
i hadn't been into a "real" store in awhile
i don't shop tooo much
seriously i shop at the thrift store
-a few times a month i'll run to the dollar store
and groceries i buy from an organic co-op
or have K buy from his work
its a great way to be control spending!
so when i hadn't been around all the "mass" christmas
man i forgot that CHRISTMAS is almost!!
so among all the isles of decor
i was again inspired!!
i decided i need to go home and make my tree!!
K & the kids say just buy one-
well WHATS the FUN in that!!
*insert family sigh*
they know too well i breath recycled.

i've been wanting to do some bottle trees in the yard
never have gotten to it yet
so i thought I WANT ONE INSIDE!!
oh yes my ideas usually come with a price
*for my husband espcially* haha read on
knowing full on i couldn't just find an recycled
christmas tree just yet
last night
i went out to the studio
to see what i could come up with
i found a black cd holder floor lamp
so i started with that
ooooo an assemblage tree yeah!
started will go in the front room
but i really want this natural tree


i looked through all the wood
thought "man i'd really have to put more work into building a base
than i want" (insert where my husband gets to work out my large scale ideas)
ooooo a TREE i want a REAL LIVE (but dead) TREE TRUNK.
DANG i'll have to wait till tomorrow!!

K & i headed to the mulching/recycling center
to my SWEET delight there was a massive SCORE!!
i found 2 perfectly cut trunks that are now in my front yard
as seats!! AND
i scored this natural beauty that you see here.
it was top heavy and not flat at the bottom
but i LOVE it so much my dh loads it up
(and another large one for outside)
he even gets out the machete and flattens the bottom
its still top heavy so i decide to use the concrete blocks
i really like the idea of the two extremes
so the kiddos are anxiously awaiting putting the large nails in
while we put it "together" in the corner
it wasn't quite balanced and having BOYS
it must be as its in the living room!
so we had broken bits of concrete
i had a whole load of cheap glass,single vases,
and clear votive candle holders
someone had given as garage sale leftovers

bottles and rust

i had planned to freecycle them
but OH so glad i didn't!!
i also remembered there was some odd colored candles
i picked up somewhere
OOOO i'm getting so excited i just can't stand it!!

i rummaged the studio for my rusty stuffs


and found a few other cool bits and well

you have my very FAVORITE christmas tree EVER!!!

i really didn't have enough bottles to fill in the mid section-so its still a WIP.


dawn said...

Emmy I absolutely love the bottle tree. What an inspiration.


Wanda said...

Good for you! It is so creative and your joy is BEAMING through this post! :)