Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Battlefield

The Battlefield by paintYOURworld
The Battlefield, a photo by paintYOURworld on Flickr.
A few years ago while traveling, my kids and I came upon this battlefield in Louisiana. From the moment I walked upon the memorial, I felt the strong presence of the Lord, as he moved admist my brokenness, to strengthen and empower me to FIGHT for my marriage, despite my circumstance.

My heart was softened as I walked about, and entered the graveyard. Each stone represented so clearly, the battle they believed in...one that they gave their life for! The Lord questioned me. Would I stand in hope, would I battle and endure despite the cost?

 It was not an answer that came easy.

I had to face the reality of the pain that cut to the very core of my being....the abandonment, embarrassment, the anger, and most importantly the choice to guard my heart against bitterness and blame. Did I have hope? Barely a glimmer...My mind was set on I'm content to be alone for the rest of my days, I didn't need a broken man.

The Lord didn't push me, or make me feel guilt, instead he revealed his Love. The truth of what Love really is. He showed me his scars, he opened my blind eyes to see. The death he endured, he did for even those who choose Him not...and as I came into understanding of what it would cost me...

I raised my hands to surrender as I stood looking out at the vast battlefield--
              (yes this photo is actually me my son took it)

I will do it for you Lord. Only for you...


because you showed me the TRUTH of Love!!

Today I have an abundance of hope,
as I trust in Love!
As I stand in the midst of the battle
as Love fights for me--

 Love does not gloat over other people's sins but takes its delight in the truth!

Love always hopes-
always endures!!

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