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3to1 by paintYOURworld
3to1, a photo by paintYOURworld on Flickr.
Sunday is the most segregated day in America. This is ridiculous and NOT ok!
ONLY 5% of churches are integrated.  
                                                                                Curtis Paul Deyoung

Are you coming from a place of hurt or place of freedom?

How you relate to others is relevant to how your cultural history has shaped you. How can you walk into liberty and unity if your still operating out of hurt? Your worldview and/or culture shapes who you are as an individual.

A favorite word {in missions} is Reconciliation:

reconciling of people: the ending of conflict or renewing of a friendly relationship between disputing people or groups

HOWEVER it is most often not politically correct to discuss this in the "church".

Do you have an understanding of it?
Do you think it is even relevant to you?
Are you even aware of the cultures around you?
Are you aware...
Are you aware?
Do you accept the responsibility you carry in relating to others?

Its TIME to heal and celebrate our differences
SO THAT together we can move in POWER!!
Everyone has a voice, and they want to be heard~

It good to talk about social justices, and even agree with it,
its such a major issue...
ESPECIALLY in the body of believers
BUT practically how does change begin?
How do I walk this out?
ESPECIALLY if no one wants to talk about it, or even worse doesn't even publicly acknowledge the history, the pain of the great divide!

SO I am asking how do we do that?
HOW DO I do that?
as an Individual? as a group culture?
Before you can get overwhelmed with information,
ideas, and justification...

Lets begin with you (with me).
I'll start with a simple question.

In Whom or where is your/my identity based?
Something to ponder.
Something to pray on.
Something to change, if you don't have a solid answer.

Want more?
I'll be addressing this more this week.

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