Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let my people DANCE!

"If you wonder where I am, I'll be with the GREAT I AM", and of course Gracelynn of NotGraceland, SamSon, Rachel, and Warriors Come Home. This is how ya worship MON! reggae late night in da Prayer Room!! yAH moN!

Video won't embed so go here!

While others sleep
We are wide awake
experiencing JOY
{for those who wait upon the Lord!}

gotta dance around
got it
deep in my soul
got to get it out
Let my people dance!
let them dance right now!
Let my people dance
 dance around!
Let them show you how!!"
       lyrics "Let My People Dance"
                    written & performed by SamSon

no one can steal my JOY
{or my dance!}
I don't wait in vain!
I'm LAUGHING till it hurts,
 dancing till I can't no more
experiencing every last bit
of goodness & adventure that life offers-
it follows me wherever I go-
all the days of my life!
JOY is my weapon. 

"yesterday is gone
tomorrow hasn't come yet
but one day I'm gonna live that
right now i wait on change
change can only come from
that day I will be ready
I don't wait in vain!!!"
              written & sung by 
                        Rachel Faagutu

Whata LIFE!

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