Sunday, February 12, 2012

the art of LOVE

artofLOVE by paintYOURworld
artofLOVE, a photo by paintYOURworld on Flickr.
                          altered polaroid series

O le a le uiga o le  alofa? 
What is love?

I  had not really pondered on this question much, until I was asked it by the Creator himself. I thought I knew and I tried to explain to  him my answer...then He opened my blind eyes!
....I realized what thought was love, was actually an impostor. I had no idea, what love cost, nor was I truly willing to pay that price.

If your asking yourself that question, especially as Valentines Day approaches, I dare you to ask God.

What is Love, {and does my life display it?}

Especially for those that are hard to love.... 

and more so for those you may take for granted....

You might just be incredibly surprised at His answer. I was!

My whole life has since changed! 

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