Thursday, January 10, 2008

this is where i embarrass myself ReALLY

Originally uploaded by paintYOURworld
alrighty i attempted to do a video
its a series on no fear in art
showing how i just sit down at the work table
(a messy one at that!!)
with some items that i gathered
and just dive in!

the first video i uploaded was sooooo bad
really it was
if you saw it
i'm SO SORRY!!
ha ha! seriously omg it was awful!
it drove me crazy that i actually uploaded it
but i had worked so many hours on the ^&*^&*
thing i wasnt gonna waste the effort!
all the stuff around where i was working tooo
acccck, but i overcame the perfectionistic thang
and just freakin put it on!!!
aahhhh well i actually just remixed it-its better but still not that great!!

anyhow its up on you tube
AND even the 2nd part already!
so if your like me and just wanna watch it all at once
and not wait
here ya go!
we'll see where it goes from #2.

it shows how i'm an alwful piler
of works
i work on toooooo many things at once
but thats OK cuz it just works for me
i'm attempting to empty the work table
of the ones that have died there
so this is one of them

speaking of piles
you'll see that i really do arrange piles
of stuff that speak to me
so i can come in here at any time
look at one and go to town!
it doesn''t mean i'll use it all
it just means it pleases me visually to look at it
till the TIME comes

ok well now go watch the show here!

i was thinking of giving this away on the blog
but if i say that i will probably love it and end up
wanting to keep it!!
so i'm off to look for something to give away.
well that is after i get some sleep.
my days & nights are all mixed up....
but i have been getting lots of work done!


Hilaree said...

Hi emmy! I don't think you embarrassed yourself at all! Three comments for you - if you're interested. I thought it was SO FUN to see you work. Also thought is was SO FUN to hear your cute voice, after only reading your words on the RCU list. I would just suggest either turning down the music or getting rid of it entirely. Would much rather hear you talk and explain things. Was that more than three comments? Hm.

foundthings said...

HEY girl! thank you for your comments! i originally was going for just talking then when i viewed couldn't hear me at all was tooo quiet i could hear the grasshopers!!! so i just covered the mumbling with music. next time i just have to talk LOUD.