Monday, January 21, 2008

the journaled wrist-my heart on my sleeve

the journaled wrist
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another journaled FABcuff.....this one about my true love

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a few months after we met (in the Kingdom of Tonga) i went back home to the states and he then went on to Fiji...we have a sweet love story and most of it was spent oceans apart so this verse held us together.


"many waters cannot quench LOVE rivers cannot wash it away" songs 8:7

i think i will bead the cuff where the words are....need to look through the stash.

when we were married a few years later in Samoa we were together for 2 weeks then apart for 7 months while i had to return back to the states to work & wait...his visa was only posed to take a month!! now almost 11 years later we avoid any time having to be spent apart. ahhhh but he was worth the wait. *big dreamy smile*

i have another one which will be up for sale on etsy later...its a GREAT valentine present!! your lover would fLIP for it dh loves it! although its for me...but its ALL about HIM....if you have a true love you would like me to create one for-email me we'll work something out!


Hilaree said...

GORGEOUS, emmy! Oh, my goodness. I checked it out on flickr, too. Love the little pocket and the piture of your dear one. What was the process for the photograph? To achieve what you have going on there. Beautiful, beautiful. I have yet to send you any mail art and I'm sorry! Sending something soon, okay?

foundthings said...

hey girl-no worries on the mail art. the photo is digital and then altered in my photo program so easy you can do it!

THANK you btw!

funkyluke said...

your work is fantastic