Monday, January 28, 2008

the bag lady

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i'm GIVING AWAY a WIP that never got embellished...all these grand plans of embroidery and doodling and i get tired just typing it. i have tooooo many bags. really i make one for every outfit and usually like 15 minutes before we have to be somewhere!! anyhow tell me something about YOUR house...what makes it funky and cool and unique to you. a memory,a painting,a place...your house,your life. i'll pick someone in a few days. BE sure to check back!

i will have several or hmmm maybe LOTS of giveaways. i finally photographed them as i know i've said i was gonna giveaway then never actually did i will. i will!!

here are some bags i did months ago...freeform crochet on rug hook canvas.
freeform crochet
i seen prudence & some of the freeform gang on uncommon threads and finally realized i had hoarded enough canvas to do many many bags-i just need fiber as i normally used them for making rag rugs. i had resisted for SOOOO long to not buy fiber. i have to many loves to start another lust. i gave to temptation though i now have lots of LUSH (lust for) fiber. its a good waiting while "watching" the kiddo tae kwon do thing to do.


this was the first one i did

my first freeform using prudences crochet/latch hook method

this amazing BIRD retro bag is on etsy.


DELISH fibers


this one i just wanted to use all sorts of fancy fibers to crochet a bag....and i LOVE it too.


Anonymous said...

i cannot remember how i found your site but i love your art! fabulous!

Hilaree said...

So we're supposed to tell you about our house?...hmmm...i sit at the deeply scratched kitchen table, an oil painted alien on the wall above my head, black and white photos of my chunky baby in front of me, masking taped childrens' artwork covering every wall and cabinet and a first-coated bookshelf propped at an angle next to the trashcan in a color that was supposed to be terra cotta but is and I need to wash the crockpot because it steeped chicken all day...delicious oniony chicken and the air is filled with the dreams of tired husband pats me on the head like a puppy as he walks by and I feel full... as in...spiritually.

Peace to you, emmy!

Cynthia said...

My home is funky and cool because
of my crazycool taste. I collect
candelabras, fleamarkets mostly,
one from a church lady friend of
my Mom's and a believe-or-not
black iron beauty from Avon,I have
them scattered around the house,
even in my bathroom. When all the
candels are lit - Heavens! Such
a eerie haunted beautiful sight.