Friday, January 25, 2008

learning by living

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the boys and i went to our favorite trails yesterday the "enchanted forest" an endangered land park & education you can see its beautiful!!

we recorded lots of video and took lots of photos.
they are learning how to edit & do fun stuff with the camera.
we're just diving into all of them but these are some of my favorites.

siano found this cool rock at the quarry.


we love to take photos cramming ourselves in....i usually get cut off
but wow not today! its also the only way my oldest (12)will let me photograph him. i snuck a few in while he wasn't paying attention but he would not be thrilled if i showed ya! he has beautiful green eyes and freckles i wish i could capture more. *sigh*


Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

Great capture of The Good Life!

It must be the age thing. My DD#1 (will be 12 in less than a month) is less willing to let me photograph her anymore. Good thing I still have DD#2 and DS to post for me :0)

Sarah (the other me)

sf said...

LOVE this photo of you guys. Big kisses to all from me - even though they won't want 'em!