Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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i scored this HUUUUUGE bag(a comforter size) of vintage yarn allllll delish in retro sat forever in my garage as it was originally meant for kerry's sister in the islands but it has sat there for years because no one has been able to take it to her and its ridiculous to send!!! plus she'd never see it-it would get stolen in a heartbeat as she doesn't have a box and it would be general delivery,not to mention she lives 2 hours from the post. soooo finally i decided i would just USE it!!! these colors totally inspired me and in the process of cleaning one of my fabric carts i found this pile of fabrics that were in the same scheme!!! oooooo talk about meant to be!!!

its been a month or so since i've made a saturday it all came together & i wore it to church....well not the scarf it wasn't cold enough!

i even found a necklace that i haven't wore in forever and it matched perfectly!!

more close ups on flickr

fav new crochet choker

also as if you didn't know i love crochet's a new one too.

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Cynthia said...

that scarf is soooo hot!
funky with warm colors.