Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a post from the other night/day!!

its a party!! a family one but a fun one none the less! our boys stayed the night with a friend last night, although they technically went early in the morning. then this morning went crabbing and actually did not come home till around 4:30! so k & i had our own night-its been awhile so it was awesome!!

each kiddo gets a station filled with fun little treats-the boys best friend stayed over too-

here's what we're doing together


making confetti wands (i typed wads lol)

noisemakers from film canisters
going through the year in pictures picking our fav memories and journaling/making something out of them-a picture book
& year in review postcard that we send to friends family far away
writing a new 2008 wish list (no resolutions here!)

course lots of overeating and drinking the dew going on too!

the boys were toasting with sparkling cider....then they ran down the block to their friends parents house and threw confetti at them!! our neighbor across the street doesn't have little ones anymore but he still comes out a midnight and rings his hand bell and then goes right back inside. my kiddos love it!

HOPE YOUR NEW YEAR is (well was now LOL) spent with someone you love!
if you happen to be alone it CAN be great--> create something SPECIAL just for yourself!!!

if you want a New Years mailart-give me your address.
i don't think i can create a private post so if you want
email me it foundthings AT CFL dot com....
REALLY THIS MEANS YOU! a brand new friend or old!!
mailart is no respector of post office....LOL

***HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *******
now i'm off to bed i haven't gone to sleep YET!!
i think i drank tooo much mt. dew!
plus i got inspired after the house went to sleep and cleaned in the studio-
i went through boxes in storage from when we moved in years ago
wow the goodies i found!!
not tooo mention stupid stuff i packed in there!!
well if i don't sleep all day i'll take photos later
off the fun stuff~
k's gone fishin for the day and the kiddos stayed up waaaay too late
so off to snuggle with them!


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